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26 Aug 2021

ICO statement on DCMS announcement of next Information Commissioner

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has today announced that John Edwards is the Government's preferred nominee to be the next Information Commissioner

John Edwards would succeed the current Commissioner Elizabeth Denham. The appointment is subject to approval by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, followed by approval by HM the Queen. 

The announcement also sets out the government’s intention to consult on reforms to the UK’s future data regime, and gives detail of the countries the UK will prioritise striking data adequacy partnerships with. 

Elizabeth Denham said: “Data driven innovation stands to bring enormous benefits to the UK economy and to our society, but the digital opportunity before us today will only be realised where people continue to trust their data will be used fairly and transparently, both here in the UK and when shared overseas.  

“My office has supported valuable innovation while encouraging public trust in data use, particularly during the pandemic. We stand ready to provide our expert advice and insight as part of any future government consultation. 

“Implementing any changes Parliament decides on will fall to my successor, who will take on a role that has never been more important or more relevant to people’s lives. John Edwards would bring extraordinary breadth, international leadership and credibility to this role. He will receive the support of a modern, independent ICO that has the courage, resources and expertise to make a positive difference to people’s lives.” 

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